"A few months ago I got my braces off after 3 years, and was excited thinking that my teeth and bite were going to be perfect...I was wrong. I experienced that feeling of my teeth/bite changing everyday, hitting on different areas and at different times of the day, never giving me that feeling of a natural bite and/or position. When I discussed this with my orthodontist I was surprised when he told me there was nothing he could do and that I needed to see my regular dentist to correct these problems.

Fortunately for me, Dr. Fiscus is my dentist. During my last cleaning and exam, Dr. Fiscus, who recommended me getting braces, asked how everything was going. It was difficult for me to clearly explain what I was feeling and experiencing with my teeth and bite because it was always changing or different. I told Dr. Fiscus that I was getting frustrated because I could not tell what or where my natural bite position was or should be...after listening to me and asking a few questions, Dr. Fiscus said, "I can make your bite better and feel more natural to you." He then went on to explain that an occlusal adjustment was a simple and painless procedure where he reshaped the teeth so they fit naturally together...having been a patient of Dr. Fiscus' for many years, I trusted him and his ability to do what he said he could do. The procedure took 2 appointments but I was sold on it after the first one! My major issues were gone, much to my surprise, and during my second appointment Dr. Fiscus only had to make minor adjustments. The procedure is simple and painless, but even more it's effective and make a huge difference in one's life."


"First, I have to say that I have always purely hated going to the dentist. Hate it. After avoiding it for about ten years (I know, I know), a year ago it really was necessary to go: crowns, fillings, a thorough cleaning. The most important thing to say is that going to the dentist no longer fills me with fear or shame. It might be a stretch to say that I look forward to it, but it simply isn't unpleasant. It's no longer something I put off or avoid.

The immediate results were terrific. Dr Fiscus was prepared to give a lot of detail, but he respected my preference just to get on with things. His approach impressed me as holistic and the procedures were far, far less uncomfortable than I expected.

The staff, which has been a big minus with some other dental care providers I've had in the past, is good. The hygienist completely changed my expectations about what it's like to have my teeth cleaned. It's NOT a miserable experience. Ellen doesn't lecture me about being a far from dedicated flosser, and ironically I'm taking better care than ever of my teeth. Pamela, who handles reception and insurance, has kept things sorted out with our insurance company, which has made things much easier.

I knew that things were at a point that it was imperative to get my teeth fixed. I didn't expect that the process would be as easy as it was -- and I truly did not expect to feel positive about ongoing dental care. It has been a real transformation for me."


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