Andrew Fiscus DDS

Holistic Dentistry, my WHY

An outdoorsman himself, Dr. Drew likes the expression of seeing the forest for the trees.

Comprehensive Bainbridge Island Holistic Dentistry

He says it perfectly describes how dentistry is a window into the overall health and wellness of his patients. Dentistry of the past focused on the details to the exclusion of the big picture. Dr. Drew has a holistic approach in that he strives to understand how your overall health affects your dental health, and how your dentistry affects your overall health. The first principle of this holistic approach is to be the best, most up-to-date dentist for you. Dr. Drew is a lifelong student in the art of dentistry and enjoys continuing education coursework, local and nation-wide study clubs and professional organizations to be at the forefront of density.The second principle to to always choose the safest, least toxic way to achieve the best results. We are a mercury free office and place direct composite (white) fillings. Our composites are the most biocompatible, least toxic and most durable filling material available. We offer the SMART (Safe Mercury Amalgam Removal Technique) for your amalgam removal, using physical barriers, high suction and an oxygen mask so the patient is safe from toxic exposure. In addition, our office uses digital X-rays which provides the most  accurate images with the lowest radiation. The third principle is occlusion. Dr. Drew is a graduate of the acclaimed Panky Institute, a post DDS certificate. This philosophy is based on getting the jaw joint aligned to its natural position, aligning the teeth to close correctly so the mouth, neck and head are relaxed and balanced. Doing this can eliminate TMJ, cracked, worn or loose teeth, as well as migraine headaches, back and neck pain. This approach also allows for a beautiful lasting smile. The fourth principle is to bring in lessons from allied fields in the healing arts. Information and techniques from osteopathy, chiropractic, massage, nutrition, naturopathy, alternative and western medicine, etc. can be very relevant and can greatly augment the effectiveness of dental treatment. We work closely with healers in our community and can help you put together a plan to achieve your best health.

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